Qatar National Day was a celebration of joy

Surrounded by traditional music, sweets, flags and artwork from our students depicting iconic Qatari scenes, students, families and staff celebrated the most important day in the country at SEK Qatar.

Pupils from all grades were involved in making today special, and showcased their talents in a heartfelt way to really convey the love we all feel for Qatar as our home. Whether we were born here or live here as part of the expat community, we can all agree that we get excited every 18th December -ever more so since we have the opportunity to fully enjoy it with our children!

The event gave a little bit of everything you can expect to truly experience a bit of the Qatari culture. Poems, traditional songs and dances that stated “I love you, Qatar!”, a play that helped understand Qatari customs and traditions, the folkloric and admired sword dance performed by PYP boys, and a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem with MYP students playing the music and grade 4 students singing it in sign language.

After the show, parents enjoyed the different exhibits from MYP and PYP students. Some of them had fun with face and henna painting, others admired the artwork in the main hall, and we can say almost everybody visited the traditional food stations.

We want to show our appreciation to the teachers that were in charge of putting everything together as part of the QND committee, thank you for your hard work! And of course a big praise to all the students that performed today and got our hearts filled with pride and gratefulness for living in this wonderful country.

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