MYP-DP Sports Day was a win for everybody!

Today our MYP and DP students spent the day moving, cheering, playing and overall having tons of fun with their teachers and classmates during the 2020 MYP-DP Sports Day.

In total, the students had to go around nine stations to determine the winning house which, at the end, would go into the traditional battle with teachers playing tag of war. The nine sports stations were a 1km run, vortex throw, javelin, 100m run, vertical jump, high jump, shot put, broad jump and throw to win -a diverse and fun selection which made everything even more interesting and engaging.

A special recognition and thank you needs to go to our DP students, who organized this event with the mentorship of Ms. Canan as part of their CAS Programme; and to the teachers who gave their support and got involved in the activities: you are amazing!

And of course, a round of applause must go to the winning team, the Yellow Scorpions, who not only took the most points, but who also beat the teachers in the very anticipated tag of war.

We hope everyone had a great time today and that the Preschool, PYP, MYP and DP sporting events we celebrated the last two weeks serve as the perfect introduction to February 11th, when the whole country will move to celebrate Qatar National Sports Day!

SEK Qatar students in THIMUN Qatar Model United Nations Conference

From Wednesday, January 22nd to Friday, January 24th a group of SEK Qatar MYP and DP students attended the 9th annual THIMUN Qatar Model United Nations Conference, representing the delegation of Jamaica. It was our 3rd appearance at the conference and we’re glad to share that each year our delegation is growing.

Our students collaborated with students from 165 nationalities to discuss various global issues in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Health and Well Being. They vigorously negotiated solutions to topics such as achieving universal healthcare, measures to address drug control and crime prevention, and preventing contemporary forms of slavery.

We would like to congratulate students on their efforts towards building a cooperative community amongst today’s youth!

PYP Sports Day 2020

What an amazing and active morning! Today PYP students from Preschool 5 up to Grade 5 filled the school with enthusiasm thanks to the different sporting activities that were organized to celebrate Sports Day.

We had 5 different stations set up where students could practice their athletic skills. A penalty challenge, tail tag, tag of war, a race, long jump and basketball kept kids and their parents cheering on throughout the morning -the upbeat music and our wonderful teachers added on to the fun!

At the end of the day, these were the final positions for the 2020 PYP Sports Day:

  • 1st place: Green Oryx
  • 2nd place: Yellow Scorpions
  • 3rd place: Orange Falcons
  • 4th place: Blue Stingrays

Congratulations to all the houses for their great efforts and especially for having fun and working great as teams!

Last, but never least, we would like to thank the staff for the organization, and the parents who attended to support their children and witness this cheerful atmosphere. Keep on moving!

SEK Basketball team brings home three wins

The SEK secondary boys Basketball team participated in the School Olympic Program (SOP) Basketball tournament this 13th January, and gave us all a reason to celebrate.

Marios, Ryota, Karim, Mark, Jorge and Dawood played really hard during every match and tried their very best to bring back a favorable result, which was indeed the case! We were so proud to see the boys’ optimistic and enthusiastic attitude throughout the whole tournament.

Take a look at these excellent results!

Philippine School Doha 18 25 SEK International School

Blyth Academy Qatar 5 – 26 SEK International School

Al Manar International School 16 – 47 SEK International School

A special congratulations to our players who represented our school during the SOP tournament; you showed great sportsmanship!