Swimming Competition 2019

The SEK Qatar swimming team has just finished their participation in the Qatar Foundation Inter-School Invitational 2019 with great results!

Last Friday December 13th at H2O Swim Club students Riad Harfouche (G10), Syed Hamza Salim (G9), Leonardo Bettoni (G8), Margherita Mino and Omar Salim (G6), Matilde Bettoni and Madison Smith (G5) competed in backstroke, freestyle and butterfly.

Our team conjunctly won 9 podium medals, including one first place medal for Margherita in 100m backstroke, along with other 17 medals that account for their team work and efforts.

A special congratulations and thank you to each swimmer who represented our school against 8 other school teams. We’re proud of you!