Celebrating International Dot Day at SEK-Qatar

International Dot Day, celebrated on September 15th every year, is a special occasion that encourages creativity, imagination, and collaboration. At SEK International School Qatar, this day was marked with a vibrant and memorable celebration that filled our campus with dots, fun, laughter, art, and even surprising musical performances.

Artistic expression through dots stole the spotlight, encompassing painting, crafting, and even creating a vibrant dotty mural. The school transformed into a hub of creativity, with students exploring various techniques and materials. The joy and pride in revealing their creations were heartwarming.

Unity and collaboration were palpable as students from different grades worked together on dot-themed projects. This camaraderie peaked in a surprise musical flash mob, inspired by dots, captivating everyone in rhythmic cheer.

Laughter filled the hallways as students and teachers immersed themselves in dot-related games and challenges, creating an infectious atmosphere of enthusiasm. International Dot Day emphasized the importance of celebrating individuality and breaking free from self-imposed limitations. It encouraged embracing the power of imagination, leaving a lasting impression on the SEK International School Qatar community.

This day became a tribute to boundless creativity, reminding students of their unique talents waiting to be expressed. It inspired them to leave their mark on the world, one dot at a time. The memory of this remarkable day will continue to motivate students to explore their creative potential and embrace self-expression.

We look forward to our next fun-filled, art-inspired day next month! 🎨

#InternationalDotDay #MakeYourMark

Congratulations to all of our students who graduated in 2023!

To the cherished family and friends of our graduates, thank you for your unwavering support and presence as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Your love and encouragement have made this journey truly special. Congratulations to all!

Preschool 5

It was an extraordinary day for our Preschool 5 students as they participated in their inaugural school graduation. The IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP), which spans from Preschool 3 to Grade 5 (ages 3-12), aims to foster the growth of young learners as compassionate and engaged participants in a lifelong journey of knowledge (ibo.org, 2021). Our dedicated teachers and staff at SEK International School Qatar have thoroughly enjoyed guiding and nurturing our exceptional Preschool 5 students throughout this academic year. We are immensely proud of their achievements and wish them a well-deserved and joyful summer holiday. We eagerly anticipate welcoming these students back as they embark on Grade 1 at SEK-Qatar next academic year.

Grade 5

Next on the agenda were our Grade 5 students, brimming with enthusiasm as they prepare to commence the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in August! Congratulations to each and every one of them on successfully completing the IB Primary Years Programme. Over the past eight years, they have demonstrated remarkable dedication and acquired the skills necessary to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in our rapidly evolving world. At SEK International School Qatar, we take great pride in providing the globally recognized PYP Programme, as it represents excellence in education.

Grade 10

A round of applause for our MYP Grade 10 students at SEK-Qatar, who have triumphantly concluded the IBMYP Programme.

The IBMYP Programme, spanning from Grade 6 to Grade 10, serves as a crucial foundation for the final Diploma Programme (DP) stage. During the MYP years, students engage in community and personal projects to broaden their horizons and enhance their learning.

DP Class of 2023!

Congratulations to the graduates of the SEK International School Qatar Diploma Programme.

Over the past two years, these exceptional individuals have dedicated themselves to rigorous study in order to successfully complete the ambitious International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme.

Not only have they conquered Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and numerous exams, but it is also worth acknowledging that they have persevered through the challenges posed by a global pandemic during their diploma stage. Our students have demonstrated incredible resilience and adaptability throughout this trying time.

It has been a tremendous honor to educate and equip our Grade 12 students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future endeavors. The entire SEK-Qatar community wishes our 36 graduates the very best as they embark on their unique journeys ahead.

Exploring Kansas City, Missouri: A Memorable Trip for Destination Imagination Competition

As representatives of the SEK International School Qatar, we not only engaged in an intense competition of Destination Imagination but also had the opportunity to explore various places in Kansas City, Missouri. One of the highlights of our journey was participating in pin trading. The Destination Imagination competition brought together teams from different countries, each with their unique pins representing their culture, traditions, and identities. Moreover, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art mesmerized us with its architecture and its extensive collection of masterpieces, ranging from classical to contemporary art from various artists around the world.

Our visit to Kansas City, Missouri, for the Destination Imagination competition was a remarkable experience. Despite not winning the global finals, we achieved success by securing first place in Qatar, and more importantly, we gained invaluable knowledge and experiences along the way. This journey fostered personal growth, teamwork, and an appreciation for the power of creativity. Kansas City became a place where unforgettable memories were created.

We want to thank everyone for their support. Although we didn’t win this time, we see it as a starting point for improvement. We have gained valuable ideas and inspiration that will drive us to create something even better and aim for victory in the future.

Radio Station ECA

Our SEK-Qatar Radio Station team dedicates every Thursday during ECA time to their work. They put in tremendous effort to prepare programs for both the PYP and MYP Sports Days, and their endeavors paid off as both events turned out to be successful!

After Ramadan and the Eid Holidays, they have been diligently working for the past few weeks, meticulously planning the next podcast. They have drafted the script, conducted and recorded an interesting interview, and gathered valuable information for the announcements.

We invite you to listen to their podcast and show your support by liking the post! Stay tuned for more exciting recordings in the future!

SEK International School Qatar “The Depths of the Atlantic” Team soars to Global Finals after Winning 1st Place in National Destination Imagination Qatar Competition!

Destination Imagination is a renowned program that challenges students to harness their creativity and employ critical thinking skills to tackle a wide array of projects. With a strong emphasis on innovation and collaboration, participants are encouraged to think outside the box and present unique solutions to complex problems.

The Depths of the Atlantic, a group of MYP students from SEK International School Qatar, has recently achieved a remarkable victory in the local Destination Imagination competition. This impressive achievement has earned them a well-deserved first-place finish in the prestigious event, propelling them to the global finals. The team’s success is a testament to their exceptional teamwork, commitment, and creative problem-solving abilities.

To prepare for the competition, the students engaged in a series of processes including creative writing, technical design and acting. Based on the scientific research gathered on marine life, the students designed and created a character with hyperbolic traits using the features of the animals researched. This character was incorporated into a story which sent out a message of hope. Within the story, biological explanations and diagrams were used to enhance communication and develop the understanding of the characters features. To bring the story to life, the students worked together to gather suitable costumes, and create props with materials which were available to them, such as a boat. By combining all these areas and practicing to ensure the play was coherent, the students were successful in completing the Destination Imagination Far-Fetched scientific challenge. 

In addition to the team’s remarkable achievement, other teams from SEK International School Qatar also showcased their incredible talent. The 7AS1 team from the Primary Years Programme (PYP) secured an impressive third-place finish, displaying their exceptional skills and dedication. Furthermore, the Dream Team Clean Machine, also from the primary category, participated in a non-competitive capacity, demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability and community service.

The success of these teams has brought great pride and joy to the entire school community. The achievement not only showcases the students’ remarkable skills but also highlights the dedication of the educators and the school’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

With their first-place victory, the depths of the Atlantic team has earned the coveted opportunity to represent Qatar and SEK International School Qatar in the global finals of Destination Imagination in Kansas USA. This remarkable accomplishment speaks volumes about the talent and potential that resides within the students of Qatar, and the team’s participation in the global finals will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion.

The entire SEK International School community stands behind The Depths of the Atlantic team, offering their unwavering support and encouragement. The team’s achievement serves as an inspiration to students across the school, demonstrating the transformative power of teamwork, commitment, and creativity.

Congratulations to The Depths of the Atlantic team, as well as the 7AS1 team and the Dream Team Clean Machine, for their outstanding achievements in the local Destination Imagination competition. Their success is a reflection of their talent, hard work, and the unwavering support of the SEK International School Qatar community. We eagerly await their performance in the global finals and have no doubt that they will continue to make us proud. Good luck, and may their creativity and innovation shine on the world stage!

Acknowledgment of Unprivileged Children

We are a group of 8th Graders who have created “Acknowledgement of Unprivileged Children” for our community project. Our goal was to spread awareness on the non-profit organisation that goes by the name Educanepal, that is based and located in Nepal.

This organization helps underprivileged children that have come to the association, due to various reasons, by providing education and a place to stay. We arranged an interview with the founder of the association, Jose Díaz, on the 8th February. Using the information from that interview we have created a documentary that you can watch by scanning the QR code below:

If you are interested in helping this NGO, donations are welcomed through their website! For more information about this association, please check www.educanepal.org.

Every small action counts!

Dana Moawad, Olivia Brunn and Aina Vivas Aguilera
Grade 8

Graduation Week 2022 @ SEK International School Qatar!

Congratulations to all of our students who graduated this year!

We are excited to share with you that for the first time in over two years SEK-Qatar was able to celebrate all graduation ceremonies in school premises, with family and friends joining in person to celebrate each student’s milestone.

Preschool 5

This was a very special day for all our Preschool 5 students as they attended their first school graduation. The IBPYP Programme, which runs from Preschool 3 to Grade 5 (aged 3-12), “nurtures and develops young students as caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of learning” (ibo.org, 2021). Our teachers and staff at SEK International School Qatar have thoroughly enjoyed teaching our brilliant Preschool 5 students this year. We are proud to send them off into a well-deserved, joyful summer holiday and we are looking forward to welcoming all our returning students back next academic year when they enter Grade 1 at SEK-Qatar.

Grade 5

Next up were our Grade 5 students ready and eager to start the MYP Programme in August! Congratulations to all of them for completing the PYP Programme. Throughout the past 8 years of school, they have worked very hard and learned how to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities in our fast changing world. SEK International School Qatar is proud to offer the PYP Programme as it is one of best educational practice globally.

Grade 10

MYP Grade 10 students – congratulations for finishing the IBMYP Programme at SEK-Qatar.

The IBMYP Programme runs from Garde 6 to Grade 10 and is essential for laying a solid foundation for the final DP stage. During the MYP years, students work on community and personal projects in order to learn and expand their horizon.


Class of 2022!

Congratulations SEK International School Qatar Diploma Programme graduates.

Over the past two years they have studied incredibly hard to complete the ambitious International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme.

Not only did they battle through Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge, CAS and many exams, yet it is also worth mentioning they spent most of their diploma stage living and studying through a global pandemic. This alone was another added challenge that all of our students mastered very well.

It was a great pleasure to have taught and equip our Grade 12 students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their next stage in life. All of SEK-Qatar wishes our 36 graduates the very best for whatever thier future might hold.

Science Lab 8

In the Science unit on Chemical Reactivity and Solutions, our Grade 8 students performed an experiment to study the activity of an enzyme called catalase found in the cells of many living tissues; such as the liver and potatoes (including humans). Students discovered the importance of how catalase speeds up a chemical reaction in which it breaks down hydrogen peroxide, a toxic substance that our cells produce as a byproduct of respiration, into two harmless substances; water and oxygen.

Science Lab 6

As a part of their Science unit on Matter, our Grade 6 students performed a skills-based experiment to discover the chemical composition of various unidentified materials by using several tools available in the lab; such as an electronic balance to find the mass of each sample and calculating the volume of the objects by using graduated cylinders. With the set of quantitative data they obtained, students were then able to calculate the density of each sample which then gave them the necessary clues in figuring out the identity of each object through research.

Community Project 2022

The Community Project is a core part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and at SEK-Qatar our students are completing it in Grade 8 (MYP3). This enriching project is divided in four phases,  our year students started working on their projects in October in order to finish by May.

Phase one – Investigating: Students worked over the months of October and November researching about needs and issues in our community in order to set a goal for their project. They also had to evaluate their primary and secondary sources, to make sure they were reliable and up to date.

Phase two – Planning: Once they had finished their investigation, they started planning how they were going to achieve their goal and create a successful outcome or product. They were asked to use their organisation skills to set short- and long-term deadlines, as well as develop their collaboration skills within their groups.

Phase three – Taking action: In this phase students focused on giving a service and making an impact in our community. Some of them decided to organise in-school events, others were a bit more risk-takers and created connections with organisations outside of school.

Phase four – Reflecting: Finally students reflected on their learning experience and the development of their ATL skills. They evaluated the quality of the service provided and their impact in the community.

This academic year we are proud of our 13 projects and we are pleased to invite other students, parents and staff to see their presentations by visiting their virtual exhibition.

Through the link below, you will be able to access our very special and innovative virtual exhibition – https://bit.ly/3MEat0l

  • Each section shows three of our student’s group. After viewing them and giving feedback, please move along to see the rest. You can always go back to the previous sections you have already visited by following the markers on the floor.

Please continue reading below to help you navigate through the virtual space.

By clicking on the markers on the floor you will be able to move around in the virtual space. Each section is designed by three of our student groups. When viewing the section you are linked to the related Sway (a new tab will open). Please make sure to read the survey at the end of each Sway where you will have the chance to leave your feedback which is especially very valuable for our students. After that, you can close the tab and go back and look at the next project.

Do not miss the welcome video in the center of the virtual exhibition which will give you an overview of all their work.

Please be aware, loading time for the virtual space may take a while depending on your internet connection, please be patient.