We are a Microsoft School

SEK Qatar International School joins the Microsoft School Program for 2016-2017 school year.

SEK Qatar is recognized as a global leader in successful integration of technology with teaching and learning.

Doha, Qatar – 5th April 2017 – SEK Qatar joins the Microsoft Schools Program, an exclusive community of more than 1,000 premier schools from around the world, recognized to celebrate their pioneering efforts and innovation in rethinking teaching, learning and assessment with the intent to drive deep 21st century competencies.

SEK Qatar joins the program for the 2016-2017 school year because they identify themselves as engaging with Microsoft in some capacity and is signaling an intent to explore programs, resources and professional learning opportunities further.

“Becoming a part of the Microsoft Schools program is an amazing opportunity to connect and engage with over 1,000 leaders in education around the world,” said Vivian Arif, Principal at SEK Qatar. “We look forward to sharing our experiences with other schools in our community and the world to continue finding innovative ways to equip our students with the proper tools needed for success inside and outside of the classroom.”

As well as being recognized on a global scale for their innovative approach to educating tomorrow’s workforce, Microsoft Schools receive additional collaboration opportunities with other schools around the world, access to professional development opportunities, access to Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts (MIE Experts) on staff to help drive innovation and to support staff, peers and students, and more.

On 15th May, SEK Qatar ICT Coordinator Francisco J. Ruiz, who is a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, was invited to share the best practices using Microsoft tools in Microsoft Event. He presented how the school use Microsoft tools in different ways every day putting the focus in Microsoft OneNote with its two variants, OneNote Classroom and OneNote Staff.

If you want to know more about Microsoft Schools, follow this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/school-leaders/showcase-schools/default.aspx

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