Graduations 2017


It is that time of year again, when some groups of students make that exciting leap from one stage of their education to another – the Preschool 5’s are moving into the next phase of their PYP journey, the Grade 5’s move to the Middle Years Program, and our Grade 10’s are making their way to the Diploma Program. Their proud teachers wanted to write some words of congratulations for them.

Ms. Yasmin and Ms. Gillian, Preschool 5 Homeroom teachers: “Congratulations Preschool 5! This year has been such a great year for our students. We made new friendships, learned about the world we live in and became inquirers. We enjoyed the different activities and field trips we had in Preschool 5. We discovered the skills that have helped us grow and become more internationally minded. Our units of inquiry opened our imaginations and made us knowledgeable about the world. The attitudes we developed throughout the year helped us build better relationships and become more responsible.
We are now ready to move on! Grade 1, we are coming to share what we have learned and see what is in store for us!”

Preschool 5 Graduation playlist:

Ms. Catherine and Ms. Cassandra, PYP Grade 5 Homeroom teachers: “Congratulations to all who have graduated from PYP today. The Grade 5s have been looking forward to their graduation day from the first day of term and we honestly cannot believe how quick this year has flown in. We have made many inquirers and demonstrated all of the IB learner profile attributes. This year we have recognized our strengths and our developmental areas. We have had many great experiences and made many memories, but it is time to leave the nest for our Grade 5s. They are ready to take the next step in their journey.
Graduation is a time to celebrate your achievements and to mark the next stage of your life.
This year we have seen the Grade 5s blossom and we can happily say they are ready for the next challenge!
Well done to all of the Grade 5s!”

Mr. Scott MacGregor, Grade 10 Tutor: “Our Grade 10 class is abuzz right now with excitement and nerves; expectations and some fears. They have been able to be distracted with the preparations for their Graduation day on June 20th but they have spoken about how the reality will be fully realized when they stride across that stage, accept their certificate, and move the tassel to the left of their graduate’s cap.

As their tutor, I can say this – they are ready. Whether they want to be or not. They will face and meet the challenges that lie ahead in the DP and whatever path they choose beyond that. I am very proud of you all and it has been my privilege to be your teacher and tutor this past year.
Congratulations and good luck!”

Grade 5 and Grade 10 Graduation playlist: