Book week 2017

Our school is celebrating Book Week from Monday 24th to Thursday 27th April, when different activities will take place around the school, to engage students, staff and parents into different reading challenges.

Some of the classes will create their own story book and the students will be the authors, illustrators and publishers. They also will create a piece of art book related. All books and art pieces created will be available in the library after Book Week.

On Monday 24th, preschool students will attend a shadow play performance of “Raffy Rabbit Book Burglar” in the auditorium.

PYP students will collaborate in creating a never-ending story, that will be displayed in the main hall. All students, teachers and parents are encouraged to contribute to the story.

Grade 3, 4 and 5 will engage in writing challenges whereby they will create modern adaptations of traditional fairytale stories.

MYP students will read in Spanish, English and Arabic at the beginning of their classes and they will dedicate some time to read to PYP students in the three languages.

Mystery readers are welcome. Homeroom teachers will invite other teachers, parents, support staff and family members to come to the school and read stories in their native language to their class.

On Thursday 27th, PYP children and teachers are invited to dress up as their favourite book character to participate in the Book Character Parade.

Have a happy Book Week and don’t forget to keep reading!

Teaching and Learning Forum

Our SEK Qatar Specialist Teacher, Ms. Maysa Taha, had the opportunity to present at the Teaching and Learning Forum on 22nd April 2017 held at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

The Teaching and Learning Forum is designed by Qatar Foundation’s Education Development Institute (EDI) to be one of the premiere teaching and learning conferences in the region. The aim is to select the most dynamic, innovative and effective presentations from the top education professionals. Aside from sharing practice, the aim of the conference is to inspire and motivate teachers to reach for the highest level of student engagement and achievement. To complement the teacher presentations, EDI invites the top international speakers and authors in the field of education to present keynote and featured presentations.

Ms. Maysa’s presentation addressed the issue of teaching Arabic for non-native students. The presentation shared teaching strategies that are used in our school and it revealed the importance of the integration of technology in communicating information.

It also included the general difficulties faced by the non-native Arabic language learners and the audience received a host of simple and practical ideas to make their lessons rich with communication and participation.

Personal Project Exhibition 2017

Personal Project Exhibition 2017

One of the highlights of the school year in the MYP is the Personal Project Exhibition. If you are new to the Middle Years Program, a brief explanation is necessary.

 The Personal Project is an independent research project in the final year of the MYP. It is a significant piece of work that is the product of the student´s own initiative and creativity, completed in their own time under the supervision of a teacher in the school. It is a chance for them to investigate and create anything that they want. It should be something that they are passionate about and it should be all of their own work.

 This year we had projects ranging from a lookbook on the development of the abaya, videos on how to redesign furniture or to coach someone on football skills, or an art exhibition. Although the product is extremely important, so is the journey, and all the students are expected to produce a report that documents the learning process they undertook, including a journal, a record of their research techniques along with what primary and secondary sources were used.

 This is the day where the teachers, the students and the parents celebrate their success. The students get to discuss their project and answer questions from everyone attending.

 The students are visited by all the MYP classes and upper PYP classes, so that they can share with their peers as well.

 See photos from the event below!

 A Big Thank You!

International Day 2016-17

Today, 12th April, we are celebrating International Day at SEK Qatar.

This is a great opportunity for our community to enjoy our cultural diversity and share our diverse backgrounds in a festival of learning.

Students did a great job preparing presentations and performances representing many regions of the World installed in exhibits and displays all around the school. After a welcome message and a few performances, visitors can walk around the school and learn about many regions of the World.

The main hall is devoted to Africa and the Middle East, where African performances and artefacts are presented, as well as Arabic lanterns made by Preschool students.

The library hosts Oceania, where we can find Australian Aboriginal Art, New Zealand Koru Art and performances of Maori songs connected to historical events.

In the Auditorium, Asia plays Ukuleles for us, and the Cafeteria is devoted to North, Central and South America, where we can enjoy a Mexican Piñata.

The Gym is taken by Europe. In this section, we can enjoy Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Scottish, Swiss, Cyprus and Italian shows, dances, food and artefacts donated by parents.

In all of these areas, students and parents are able to watch presentations and performances, admire displays and artwork, join in with interactive workshops and taste some delicious food provided by parents and staff sharing their culinary expertise.

All performances, presentations and activities are timetabled and repeated twice to give everyone the chance to enjoy as many of these experiences as possible.

Join us and enjoy this special celebration of our cultural diversity!

Find below the playlist of the event from our YouTube channel Play SEK Qatar