Induction Week 2021

Welcome to the new academic year 2021-2022. SEK International School Qatar is thrilled to be back after a well-deserved summer holiday.

Before the official start of the new academic year, on August 29th 2021, SEK-Qatar staff and teachers had the opportunity to prepare for the 11 months ahead.

Like every year we first introduced our new teaching staff to the school and its environment. Members of staff, who were still unable to travel to Qatar, due to Covid-19 regulations, were able to connect via MS Teams which showed great practice on how we can use today’s technology to collaborate regardless of circumstances.

A week later all returning teachers joined and the Head of School, Verónica Sánchez Ruiz, held a virtual meeting to give a warm welcome to everyone.

Fortunately, our teachers have taught and lived in many different countries, therefore exchanges between them offered a fantastic way to share knowledge, challenge each other, listen and learn from different perspectives.

After introductions and formalities we were able to work profoundly on the curriculum, revising, adapting and planning the learning for the upcoming school year. Many teachers had completed courses or readings over the summer and were excited to share their learning with their colleagues. We also reflected on  our experiences last year which allowed us to grow and  improve.

On top of that most staff attended our yearly First Aid training, hosted by Enertech Qatar. During a fun and interactive afternoon they learned how to react in case of an emergency.

When joining a new school it is almost like joining a new family. We share the same mission and vision and work together on the common goal to encourage our students to become life-long learners with the help of the IB learner profile.

We are proud to see such high degree of collaboration, and believe that all teachers will act as wonderful role models for their students. With all the challenges that may lie ahead of us, the whole of SEK-Qatar is excited for this academic year and wishes all students and staff a wonderful start!

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