SEK-Qatar’s Exciting Hour of Code Journey!

Our school has once again joined the global coding celebration – the Hour of Code! Just like the good times from previous years, our school is buzzing with coding brilliance from December 4th to December 10th, 2023.

What’s the Hour of Code?

For those who might be wondering, the Hour of Code is a worldwide movement that introduces students to the fun and fascinating world of coding. It’s like a global playdate for computers, encouraging learners of all ages to spend at least an hour exploring coding activities.

Our students were on fire with awesome coding activities! Our preschoolers having a blast playing and coding with robots, primary students grooving to the beats in the Classic Dance Party game from, and our Grade 4 to MYP students diving into challenges from Minecraft Education with this year’s theme – Generation AI.

This year, our older students got hands-on with Generation AI challenges, diving into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. It wasn’t just about solving coding puzzles; it was a journey into understanding AI.

SEK-Qatar’s Hour of Code was more than just a week of activities; it was a celebration of our students’ creativity, problem-solving skills, and enthusiasm for learning. We’re incredibly proud of each and every one of them for embracing the coding adventure with such energy and learning how to be responsible users. A huge shoutout to our students and staff for their awesome participation!

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