International Day 2017-18

We are celebrating International Day at SEK Qatar. Today, 30th of October, we are representing many regions of the world with performances, exhibits and displays all around the school.

This is a great opportunity for our community to enjoy our cultural diversity and share our different backgrounds in a festival of learning.

The main hall is devoted to Europe. Parents are leading Spanish and Greek dances and Grade 5 students are enjoying an afternoon tea party while they look at the history behind afternoon tea, which originated in England, including the migration of tea around the world, the production of tea as well and how it ends up in our cup, and the customs associated with afternoon tea. Grade 1 made European Dishes using different materials and parents from Italy, Spain and Russia contributed with yummy food and interesting information.

In the cafeteria we can find the big continent of America and a station with food from different countries (Argentina, Colombia, USA, Chile, Brazil…etc.), as well as a station with different artifacts from these countries and information leaflets about them. There are several art displays around the cafeteria:

Preschool 3 have prepared “Brazilian Carnival” and Preschool 4 “La Boca houses from Argentina” & “Molas Artwork”. The Spanish team will display artwork from Colombia.

The library hosts Asia and Middle East, where there is an ongoing workshop from the MYP students. At the Japanese exhibition we are painting and constructing a cherry blossom tree. In the study room, we have a Tabbouleh video with the opportunity for students to make tabbouleh. There are Indian miniature paintings on display from Ms. Maire, the art teacher, and painted lanterns.

In the Gym we find Africa, the land of wildlife safari, untouched nature and breathtaking sunsets. Come and visit our continent to take part in some fun-filled activities, such as the Masai Mara high jump competition or the animal bone guessing game. Music lovers – come and create your own shekere instrument and learn some Tanzanian rhythm with the help of Grade 3 students. Feel free to pick up a paint brush and add to our Masai Mara backdrop too.

Sharing the Gym with Africa, we find Oceania. Grade 4 students are teaching the attendees how to play touch rugby and the basics of the game. Grade 5 students have made some rain sticks to put on display. The class is doing workshops where attendees can make their own Aboriginal rain-stick.

We invite you to come and enjoy this special day and celebrate our cultural diversity at SEK Qatar.