Hispanic Day 2017


On 12th October, SEK students celebrated Hispanic culture and language through interactive games and activities throughout the day. Some of our students and teachers wore traditional clothing from Hispanic countries and the youngest students from Preschool prepared songs and read in Spanish.

Diploma Students spent some time playing classic games with their younger peers such as “la gallinita ciega” and learnt some new vocabulary and had a lot of fun together.

PYP students enrolled in different activities related to Hispanic art, music and dancing.

The students from PYP Spanish classes painted hearts and made bracelets with the colors of flags from countries from the Hispanic world.  In addition, students used other games and resources to familiarize themselves with the countries, their flags and their capitals.

MYP students participated in activities related to Spanish language and culture (music, traditional games and role-plays in Spanish).

It was a truly memorable experience for all SEK Community.