PYP Exhibition 2016


SEK Qatar celebrated and showcased their very first PYP Exhibition on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th May 2016. Our Grade 5 students were excellent ambassadors for our school and the IB education that we afford them. They made us very proud and as our school’s pioneers they have set the standard extremely high for next year’s students. This student led event was the culmination of a long process of work which began in early February.

Monday’s performances catered to three different schools from Doha. We had the pleasure of hosting groups of students from Qatar Academy, ACS and ISL. The visiting students were very interested in the research and information on display. It was commented by all how impressive the final products were and how evident the learning process was on the boards. In particular, it was noted that our students work was comprised of three languages: English, Spanish and Arabic. Group presentations took several creative formats, for example videos, brochures, information pamphlets, surveys, data analysis, interviews, poetry, mini books. SEK students answered questions confidently and enthusiastically and were eager to share their knowledge with all of our guests.

Tuesday heralded the long awaited performance for parents. It was a truly wonderful experience for all involved. Our students relished the opportunity to display their talents to our senior leadership team, teachers, mentors, parents and families. The excitement was palpable and the evening was a complete success. Parent feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Witnessing our students display the IB learner attributes and attitudes in such abundance was heartwarming. They were well equipped to answer people’s questions about their chosen topics and displayed true communication skills as well as being highly knowledgeable. The creativity and integrity on display was amazing.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this rewarding process. This was collaboration at its finest and was a huge team effort. We are already looking forward to next year’s exhibition.