Grade Three’s Art-tastic Adventure!

In the 1st half of the academic year, Grade 3 students have been exploring Arts and learning about the elements of Art.

Students were exposed to the elements of colour, lines, technique, texture and shapes and created art to reflect these elements. Students had different experiences such as experimenting with colours, going on a texture hunt around the school, reflecting on artwork from famous painters and using the “See, feel, wonder” thinking routine.

Students took time to reflect on their artwork and in the final project used their knowledge of the elements of art to produce an artwork to showcase their understanding of the unit.

The students sought to make connections between art and their own understanding of emotions and well-being. We introduced the mood meter to help the children reflect and share their mood patterns more explicitly with the help of colour theory.

Throughout this unit, students incorporated communication, creative, collaboration and thinking skills as they came to understand more about the various elements of art and how they can be implemented in their own work.

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