International Day 2016-17

Today, 12th April, we are celebrating International Day at SEK Qatar.

This is a great opportunity for our community to enjoy our cultural diversity and share our diverse backgrounds in a festival of learning.

Students did a great job preparing presentations and performances representing many regions of the World installed in exhibits and displays all around the school. After a welcome message and a few performances, visitors can walk around the school and learn about many regions of the World.

The main hall is devoted to Africa and the Middle East, where African performances and artefacts are presented, as well as Arabic lanterns made by Preschool students.

The library hosts Oceania, where we can find Australian Aboriginal Art, New Zealand Koru Art and performances of Maori songs connected to historical events.

In the Auditorium, Asia plays Ukuleles for us, and the Cafeteria is devoted to North, Central and South America, where we can enjoy a Mexican Piñata.

The Gym is taken by Europe. In this section, we can enjoy Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Scottish, Swiss, Cyprus and Italian shows, dances, food and artefacts donated by parents.

In all of these areas, students and parents are able to watch presentations and performances, admire displays and artwork, join in with interactive workshops and taste some delicious food provided by parents and staff sharing their culinary expertise.

All performances, presentations and activities are timetabled and repeated twice to give everyone the chance to enjoy as many of these experiences as possible.

Join us and enjoy this special celebration of our cultural diversity!

Find below the playlist of the event from our YouTube channel Play SEK Qatar