IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) Parents & Students’ meeting

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Last Thursday evening saw the grade nine and ten parents and students invited into school for an evening of information about the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). As you may be aware the school is currently going through the process of becoming an official IBDP school, meaning that this year’s grade ten students will begin classes in September of 2016 and become our first cohort of exam candidates in May 2018.

The group was presented with information on a range of topics including the make-up of the programme and its requirements, subjects on offer here at SEK and the conditions under which a diploma is awarded. A lively question and answer session followed, and then there was chance to enjoy a snack and chat informally with school staff and other parents.

Our thanks to all those who braved the Thursday evening traffic to attend; we hope that you went home with clear information and are excited by the forthcoming challenge. We’ll be getting together again in January for the visit of an experienced SEK college counselor – hopefully we’ll see you there!

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