Library Book Fair 2015

The SEK International School Qatar Library organized a book fair in collaboration with the Crescent Bookshop. The said event was a tremendous success; teachers, students, parents, staff, and visitors were among the participants.

The fair was a week-long event that aimed to provide the community a variety of genres and to promote the essential role of reading in the lives of each student.

Along with this, the library held various activities such as a coloring competition (Preschool 3 to 5), designing a bookmark  (Grade 2 to 5), 6-word story (Grades 6 to 10), book coupon, academic honesty session for parents, and basic citation class conducted by MYP students.

Moreover, below are the following winners in the library competitions:

Grade level



Preschool 3A Colouring competition Victoria Maria Straub Torres
Preschool 3B Colouring competition Ako Kirita
Preschool 4A Colouring competition Olivia Helin Pessoa
Preschool 4B Colouring competition Olivia Ramirez Nievas
Preschool 5A Colouring competition Sofia Bello
Preschool 5B Colouring competition Noora Al-Hajri
Grade 1A Colouring competition Aljohara Mahmoud
Grade 1B Colouring competition Noga Abigail Cohen
Grade 2A Design a bookmark Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza
Grade 2B Design a bookmark Adriana Garcia Aranda
Grade 3A Design a bookmark Al Maha Al Dehaimi
Grade 3B Design a bookmark Aljohara Al-thani
Grade 4A Design a bookmark Simon Humphrey Reverdy
Grade 4B Design a bookmark Imogen Stokes
Grade 5A Design a bookmark Daniel Garcia Franco
Grade 5B Design a bookmark Mireia Maldonado Dominguez
Grade 6A Creating a 6-word story Alessio Tonino
Grade 6B Creating a 6-word story Tsunami Ceballos
Grade 7A Creating a 6-word story Lina Khalaf
Grade 7B Creating a 6-word story Alissa MacLeod
Grade 8A Creating a 6-word story Saif Gharaibeh
Grade 8B Creating a 6-word story Gorkem Aris
Grade 9A Creating a 6-word story Omar El-Haddad
Grade 10A Creating a 6-word story Ana Sofia Lemus Llort

The book fair proceeds will be a big help towards to the enhancement of library collection.

Many congratulations to all the winners and huge thanks to everyone for all the support and cooperation that led this event to success.