Qatar SportsTech Hackathon V. 2.0

We would like to congratulate Hyder (Grade 11) and Hasan Jinnah (Grade 7) who have won the second series of Qatar Sports Tech (QST) Hackathon competition held 26th-28th September in Doha.

Entrepreneurial minds of Doha had the opportunity to get together and put their ideas into practice finding solutions for the sports industry, especially now with the World Cup so close. Over the weekend (48 intense hours), participants went through all the stages of forming a company.

Hyder & Hasan’s team came up with the idea of an indoor navigation for stadiums, which can also be used for big malls. The app name is “NavBuddy”. This initiative was appreciated by the judging jury as it is a solution based on technology, which can be used in the future.

We are very proud of these two young innovators. Congratulations!