‘Discovery and Exploration’ MYP – DP Arts Night 2019

SEK-Qatar celebrated Arts Night on Thursday 25th of April. The Arts Night provides our students, parents and teachers with a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the wonderful musical and artistic talents of our school community.

In recent months, our MYP students have been preparing their many performances and artworks inspired by the theme ‘Discovery and Exploration’. During this special evening, students explored a variaty of muscial styles across cultures, genres and time periods in order to discover new styles and possibilities in the main stage.

Grade 6 students were Storytellers for the evening having researched folk tales from around the world in English and written their own with accompanying music. Meanwhile Grade 7 students performed Atomic Clock and Danza Africana.

In addition, Grade 8 students displayed their yearlong work towards their community projects displaying service within the community and performed Radioactive.

Grade 9 and 10 performed Reflections in Moonlight, Thriller, Sway Tango Argentine, Calypso (Mexican Folk Song) and Perfect.

Students across all Grades developed Art Installations highlighting the learning taking place in their Visual Arts Class and were displayed within the main hall, gymnasium corridor, library corridor and more. Moreover, they played “Treasure Hunt” following the QR Clues around the school.

And, In the auditorium, we enjoyed a talent show with amazing performances from Maelada, Matthew, Nicole, Narod, Fares and Grade 7.

Thanks to our SEK community for joining us for a fantastic evening of music and visual arts and installations inspired by different periods in the history of art and music.

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