Jr. FLL (Junior First LEGO League) 2016

Congratulations to all children who represented SEK Qatar in Jr. FLL (Junior First LEGO League) competition, on March 7th.

The students did an excellent job presenting their LEGO models which they created in their Robotics Club. The task was to create a LEGO model which demonstrated what happened to a team-chosen piece of trash, after they were finished with it.

The children needed to – Learn About it – Build it – Share It. 

  • The students researched recycling methods at home and in school.
  • The students worked collaboratively to build a LEGO model which provided a solution to their recycling problem.
  • On the day of the Learning Experience, both teams had the opportunity to share their learning with other teams from across Qatar.

Well done to Lego Robots Team who won an award for ‘Inquiring Minds’!

Congratulations to Lego Explosion Team who won an award for’ Amazing Movement’ and also came second place overall.

It was a fantastic learning experience which all children thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

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