Library Book Fair 2015

The SEK International School Qatar Library organized a book fair in collaboration with the Crescent Bookshop. The said event was a tremendous success; teachers, students, parents, staff, and visitors were among the participants.

The fair was a week-long event that aimed to provide the community a variety of genres and to promote the essential role of reading in the lives of each student.

Along with this, the library held various activities such as a coloring competition (Preschool 3 to 5), designing a bookmark  (Grade 2 to 5), 6-word story (Grades 6 to 10), book coupon, academic honesty session for parents, and basic citation class conducted by MYP students.

Moreover, below are the following winners in the library competitions:

Grade level



Preschool 3A Colouring competition Victoria Maria Straub Torres
Preschool 3B Colouring competition Ako Kirita
Preschool 4A Colouring competition Olivia Helin Pessoa
Preschool 4B Colouring competition Olivia Ramirez Nievas
Preschool 5A Colouring competition Sofia Bello
Preschool 5B Colouring competition Noora Al-Hajri
Grade 1A Colouring competition Aljohara Mahmoud
Grade 1B Colouring competition Noga Abigail Cohen
Grade 2A Design a bookmark Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza
Grade 2B Design a bookmark Adriana Garcia Aranda
Grade 3A Design a bookmark Al Maha Al Dehaimi
Grade 3B Design a bookmark Aljohara Al-thani
Grade 4A Design a bookmark Simon Humphrey Reverdy
Grade 4B Design a bookmark Imogen Stokes
Grade 5A Design a bookmark Daniel Garcia Franco
Grade 5B Design a bookmark Mireia Maldonado Dominguez
Grade 6A Creating a 6-word story Alessio Tonino
Grade 6B Creating a 6-word story Tsunami Ceballos
Grade 7A Creating a 6-word story Lina Khalaf
Grade 7B Creating a 6-word story Alissa MacLeod
Grade 8A Creating a 6-word story Saif Gharaibeh
Grade 8B Creating a 6-word story Gorkem Aris
Grade 9A Creating a 6-word story Omar El-Haddad
Grade 10A Creating a 6-word story Ana Sofia Lemus Llort

The book fair proceeds will be a big help towards to the enhancement of library collection.

Many congratulations to all the winners and huge thanks to everyone for all the support and cooperation that led this event to success.

Tchad Minister visit

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The students and staff of SEK-Qatar were honoured to receive a visit from HE Ahmat Khazali Acyl, the Minister for National Education of the Republic of Tchad accompanied by HE Aboubakar Assidick Tchoroma, the Republic of Tchad Ambassador to Qatar.  In attendance also were Mr. Abdulaziz Hassan Al-Tamimi, SEC Consultant for International Education Affairs to the Minister’s Office and Mr. Jamal Al-Sowaidi from the SEC Office for Communications.

The Minister and esteemed guests were able to meet with students across the campus guided by representatives from the MYP Student Council.  The students were keen to describe how languages are taught in school and describe the collaboration and organisational skills needed for successful study. It was a wonderful opportunity to share perspectives on international education and the Minister was gracious with his time, meeting and chatting with students from Preschool 3 to Grade 10.

IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) Parents & Students’ meeting

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Last Thursday evening saw the grade nine and ten parents and students invited into school for an evening of information about the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). As you may be aware the school is currently going through the process of becoming an official IBDP school, meaning that this year’s grade ten students will begin classes in September of 2016 and become our first cohort of exam candidates in May 2018.

The group was presented with information on a range of topics including the make-up of the programme and its requirements, subjects on offer here at SEK and the conditions under which a diploma is awarded. A lively question and answer session followed, and then there was chance to enjoy a snack and chat informally with school staff and other parents.

Our thanks to all those who braved the Thursday evening traffic to attend; we hope that you went home with clear information and are excited by the forthcoming challenge. We’ll be getting together again in January for the visit of an experienced SEK college counselor – hopefully we’ll see you there!

PYP Students Honoured by SEK President

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PYP students who expressed their desire to become Student Counsellors were honoured in an special assembly attended by SEK president Ms. Nieves Segovia and SEK Vice President Mr. Jose Luis Delso.

Ms. Nieves paid tribute to the originality of the students’ ideas and their desire to become leaders and make positive contributions to the school community.  She congratulated all the students on their confident communication skills and encouraged them to continue to share their creative thinking with their peers and teachers.

Spanish Paralympic team visit


Last Tuesday, October 27th part of the Spanish Paralympic Team visited the school, including the athletes Kim López, Héctor Cabrera, Melany Bergés, Iván José Cano, José María Pámpano and José Manuel González Santamaría, some of the trainers and Ricardo Navacerrada representing Spanish Sport Superior Council.

PYP and MYP students from Grade 4 to 10 atended an assembly and they had the opportunity to ask them what does being a paralympic athlete mean. They inspired our students with some of the values that they represent: courage, equality and determination.

Four of our MYP students had the chance to interview four of them face to face.

It was a rewarding experience for the whole comunity.

Qatar International College Fair 2015

On Wednesday, October 21st the Grade 10 SEK-Qatar students attended the Qatar International College Fair. It was an amazing experience! The students were able to get information about different Universities all over the world. They focused on asking specific schools these questions:

  • What are the requirements for admission?
  • Do you have the program I’m interested in?
  • Are Scholarships and/or Financial Aid available?

Graduation day 2015

It was a memorable moment for the Preschool 5 and Grade 5 students on 25th of June 2015 when they achieved another milestone and graduated with pride from preschool and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) respectively.

One could sense the spark in the eyes of all the graduates who held their heads up high with immense happiness in front of the students, staff, and parents.

The Grade 5 valedictorian, Miranda Gutierrez Paesano, summed up the whole years’ experience beautifully in her speech while acknowledging the efforts of all the teachers on behalf of the whole class.

After students in both age groups received their certificates, a video was played depicting different learning experiences of the students including moments of joy and laughter along with their learning throughout the year.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to celebrate their achievements from the year.

Please check the playlist below with the full celebration and don’t forget you can watch other events in our YouTube Channel.

Shoes That Grow

20150629 Shoe That Grow-008

During term three, grade six studied the human and physical geography of Africa in Individuals and Societies class.  Students explored some of the challenges that various parts of the continent are faced with, including issues of poverty and disease.

In keeping with the tradition of service based learning at SEK International Schools and the tradition of charity during the Holy Month of Ramadan, sixth grade students decided to raise money to help improve the health of impoverished children in Kenya.  They created a fundraiser to collect money for a nonprofit organization that produces, “Shoes That Grow”.  These shoes are special because they can be adjusted to fit the growing foot of a child.  This means one child can wear one pair of shoes for five years.

Grade six students created presentations, posters, and flyers to raise awareness about the Shoe That Grows.  They also created a donations box to collect money from both students and faculty.  Students worked diligently raising money for one week, giving daily updates to their fellow MYP and grade five students about the progress of the fundraiser.

We would like to thank grade six students as well as all of the faculty and staff who donated to Shoes that Grow.  Our goal was to raise enough money to send one duffle bag containing 50 pair of shoes to children in Kenya.  We exceeded our goal, raising enough money to send a total of 72 pairs of shoes.

Great job to grade six and to everyone else in the SEK Qatar community who helped make this possible.  Your generosity has really made a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate!


Fine Arts Night 2015

On May 28th  SEK International School Qatar had a wonderful Art & Music Night where the students have displayed all their artworks during the year.

PYP and MYP students have presented a different interested shows, in addition to the participation of some teachers and mothers.

Please check the playlist below with the full celebration and don’t forget you can watch other events in our YouTube Channel.

International Day 2015

On Thursday 16th April, the school celebrated the International day, where the pupils presented many wonderful performances from different countries.

It was a great opportunity for the students to explore new countries and their costumes, games, music and cultures with great enthusiasm.

Please check the playlist below with the full celebration and don’t forget you can watch other events in our YouTube Channel.