Balance with Grade 3

Our grade 3 students inquired into the central idea ‘Balance ensures organism survival within an ecosystem’. They worked collaboratively to learn more about different ecosystems around the world, using posters and PowerPoint presentations to share their work.   

Students shared their understanding of food webs and food chains knowledge was shared through posters and an art activity. 

Class discussions and concept based strategies such as 4 corner debate and cross comparison charts allowed students to build and share their conceptual understandings that were then refined by further case studies. 

To end the unit of inquiry, students created a report about an ecosystem of their choice. They researched information, shared their findings in their own words, edited and published their work. They also created a model of their ecosystem by creating a diorama or a Minecraft world. They then presented their work to their peers by creating a video on Flipgrid.

During the unit of inquiry, students developed a good understanding of the actions they could take at home that could make a difference. These included cutting mask strings to prevent animals being trapped, turning lights, recycling papers and abstaining from eating meat. They developed their understanding that through their choices, they can make a difference to ecosystems around the world. We are so proud of their actions and we look forward to seeing how they progress over time.  

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