Destination Imagination 2016

Destination Imagination is an international competition which challenges students to think critically and creatively, and work collaborativly way, to solve specific challenges.

This year SEK Qatar had two teams compete in the competition – Creative Pros and T.O.T.S (Think Outside The Box). Both teams competed in the Fine Arts Challenge, whereby they had to create a mystery story in a time period set before 1990, which had three potential suspects.

An especially difficult aspect of the challenge was that even the participants themselves did not know who the culprit was until at least halfway through their performance!

The students  created every part of the performance independently, without the help of adults. The children created their costumes, the backdrops, the props, wrote the script, organised the music and solved the challenge entirely independently.

Congratulations to all students involved, it was a fantastic learning experience 🙂

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