Shoes That Grow

20150629 Shoe That Grow-008

During term three, grade six studied the human and physical geography of Africa in Individuals and Societies class.  Students explored some of the challenges that various parts of the continent are faced with, including issues of poverty and disease.

In keeping with the tradition of service based learning at SEK International Schools and the tradition of charity during the Holy Month of Ramadan, sixth grade students decided to raise money to help improve the health of impoverished children in Kenya.  They created a fundraiser to collect money for a nonprofit organization that produces, “Shoes That Grow”.  These shoes are special because they can be adjusted to fit the growing foot of a child.  This means one child can wear one pair of shoes for five years.

Grade six students created presentations, posters, and flyers to raise awareness about the Shoe That Grows.  They also created a donations box to collect money from both students and faculty.  Students worked diligently raising money for one week, giving daily updates to their fellow MYP and grade five students about the progress of the fundraiser.

We would like to thank grade six students as well as all of the faculty and staff who donated to Shoes that Grow.  Our goal was to raise enough money to send one duffle bag containing 50 pair of shoes to children in Kenya.  We exceeded our goal, raising enough money to send a total of 72 pairs of shoes.

Great job to grade six and to everyone else in the SEK Qatar community who helped make this possible.  Your generosity has really made a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate!


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